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Strong Foundations: Understanding the Importance of Home Foundation

August 21, 2023

Strong Foundations: Understanding the Importance of Home Foundation The foundation of a house is often overlooked or taken for granted, but it is one of the most essential aspects of any home. Without a strong foundation, a house can face a multitude of problems, both structural and financial. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of home foundation and why it should not be overlooked. 1. What Is a Home Foundation? A home’s foundation refers to the structure that supports the weight of the entire building. It is typically made of concrete and is designed to distribute the... View Article

The Importance of a Strong Home Foundation

May 8, 2023

The Importance of a Strong Home Foundation When it comes to building a home, most people focus on the interior and exterior design, the quality of finishes, and the amenities, instead of the foundation. While these are essential aspects of a home, the foundation is what holds it all together. It is the most crucial part of the building, responsible for supporting the weight of the entire structure, and transferring loads to the ground. Without a strong foundation, a home is at risk of structural damage, which can significantly affect its longevity, safety, and value. Here are some reasons why... View Article

How to Determine Whether to Install Concrete Piers Versus Steel Piers

March 4, 2022

The right foundation is a huge benefit to any home or building, and making sure you have the proper foundation is a must. Concrete piers and steel piers are both fantastic foundation methods for helping to support your home. Knowing which to choose can be hard. Here are some tips to help you choose what will work best for your building. Home Foundation Concrete Piers Concrete piers are often far less expensive than steel piers, but they are still a major investment. The right concrete piers can help support your home and help ensure that the foundation is sturdy. Concrete... View Article

Reasons Why Your Foundation Is the Most Important Part of Your Home

February 17, 2022

One great thing about owning a home is that you have a roof over your head—but while the roof may get the spotlight, it’s really the foundation that is the rock star of a home. The foundation is literally what the entire home is built on, and it stands to reason that there wouldn’t be a home without it. Perhaps the home foundation doesn’t get as much credit because it’s not always visible—but if it gets damaged, home foundation repair is as important as roof repair (if not more so). Here are some reasons why the foundation is the most... View Article

How Long Does It Take to Build a Home?

August 21, 2020

The prospect of building your own home in Oklahoma City, OK is an exciting one—at the end, you’ll get a brand-new home that’s full of modern amenities, wiring and plumbing, making your inspection, maintenance and repair schedule a lot easier than when you buy a pre-owned home. However, this process takes a bit longer than making an offer on a pre-existing home and going through closing. Most people find that the extra time is worth it, but it’s smart to know how long it will take and what variables might enter into the picture before signing on the dotted line.... View Article

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