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Winter Home Trends You Must Try

January 6, 2023

The colder months of winter are also a time when we spend more time inside. This time of year also coincides with the holiday season, which is another reason people find themselves indoors with family and friends. These are also reasons why we consider winter design trends for our homes. If you are curious about some of the hottest winter décor trends, here are a few you simply must try. Winter Design Trends If we are going to spend more time inside, like we do in the winter, then it only makes sense to invest in making those areas more cozy... View Article

Christmas Home Trends To Inspire Your Creativity

December 27, 2022

Would you like to renovate and do the decorations of your home so you can increase your ROI (Return on Investment?) You’re at the right place. With expert industry knowledge and affordable prices, the team at Perry House Plans can help you with custom home plans and architectural designs. Be inspired by these Christmas decorating trends.  1 – Make it Warm and Cozy In many parts of the world, the festive season comes in at a cold and snowy time. This is the perfect time to deck your home with amazing picks like adorning the fireplace mantle. Add some plush cushions... View Article

Housing Market Trends: Past, Present, Future

November 30, 2022

The housing market is something that changes and fluctuates from month to month. What might seem like a trend that will hang around for months might change overnight. One thing that many people notice a huge difference in is mortgage rates. Taking the time to compare current mortgage rates to historical mortgage rates can truly help shed some light on current housing trends. Mortgage Trends Over the Past Few Years One of the biggest things with housing trends is, of course, mortgage rates. Mortgage rates keep some people from being able to purchase a home or from actually wanting to... View Article

Home Trends That Never Go Out of Style

October 18, 2022

When it comes to home interiors, trends certainly do come and go. Thankfully, trends such as blue toilets and avocado-green appliances have moved on. But some design trends have stood the test of time. Today, these timeless home trends continue to captivate. If you are looking for home trends that continue to stand the test of time, this quick guide will provide you with a few to consider. Blue/White Porcelain This combination has been around for centuries, yet it has not grown old. When considering design trends that have stood the test of time, blue and white porcelain definitely makes... View Article

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