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Five Types of Construction Laws to Review Before You Build

October 21, 2020

Building a new home is exciting, but if you design and build without reviewing the laws, you could be in for a bad surprise. The construction laws around building a new home in Oklahoma City, OK are unforgiving, and many people end up having to demolish to modify their dream homes because they did not check their plans against regulations first. Before you believe that you have a site chosen and your plan will work, here are five areas of new home construction laws you need to check: Lot approval: Before you buy that seemingly ideal lot, check and make... View Article

Kitchen Layout Ideas That Work

September 17, 2020

When it comes down to it, the kitchen is probably the most important room in your house. Sure, you might like the bedroom more (after all, the bed is there), and you might spend more time in the living room (after all, the TV is there), but for most homeowners, the kitchen is the nexus of the home. It’s the first place you go when you get home, and it’s the last place you visit before you leave. The kitchen is where you cook meals and feed pets. It’s one of the most heavily trafficked rooms in any home. As... View Article

Benefits of Building Information Modeling Software

September 3, 2020

Considering building your dream home? In the past, you’d have to engage in a lengthy back-and-forth between an architect, then a builder. It was months of snail mail and lengthy meetings that ate up a lot of time and resources. Fortunately, significant advances in modern technology have resulted in the creation of building information modeling, or BIM. Though first developed in the 1970s, BIM only began to gain popularity in the last decade. Today, cutting-edge firms are exploring the benefits of BIM in residential design in Oklahoma City, OK. Now it’s your turn to find out why. What is BIM?... View Article

How Long Does It Take to Build a Home?

August 21, 2020

The prospect of building your own home in Oklahoma City, OK is an exciting one—at the end, you’ll get a brand-new home that’s full of modern amenities, wiring and plumbing, making your inspection, maintenance and repair schedule a lot easier than when you buy a pre-owned home. However, this process takes a bit longer than making an offer on a pre-existing home and going through closing. Most people find that the extra time is worth it, but it’s smart to know how long it will take and what variables might enter into the picture before signing on the dotted line.... View Article

Tips for Designing Your Dream Home

August 14, 2020

Designing your dream home in Oklahoma City, OK is an exciting (and occasionally overwhelming) prospect. When you can have just about any home you can imagine, how do you know what’s most important and what can be left on the cutting room floor? Working with a home design contractor will go most smoothly when you come to them with a good idea of what you want, from how many bedrooms and bathrooms to plans for the materials, architecture and special amenities. Here’s how to focus on what matters: Start with the basics: When you’re considering a custom home, chances are... View Article

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