Custom Home Plans in Oklahoma City, OK

Imagine designing the perfect home, right down to the finest details. It’s a dream many homeowners have, but few ever get to enjoy. But you might not realize just how easy it is to work with a home designer in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, or Edmond, OK!

At Perry House Plans, we believe every homeowner should have access to custom home design options. It’s why we not only offer custom home plans, but also custom home design services! Using state-of-the-art 3D design software, we’re able to walk you through the home design process in a way that makes you feel like you’re really and truly building the home of your dreams.

3D Home Design

Looking at blueprints for your very own custom home plans is exciting, but not as exciting as being able to immerse yourself in a digital 3D model! We give you this experience as we bring the custom floor plans and details of your custom home to life in rich detail. Let us drop you into a digital rendering of your living room or give you a detailed look at your kitchen. Our modeling software offers a powerful video of any room, at any angle, that’ll leave you more excited than ever for your custom home.

Customize Every Feature

Custom home plans go well beyond creating a unit floor plan. Our designers will sit down with you to discuss every important feature of your abode, taking each detail into important consideration. By taking the time to cover all the essentials, you’ll get a clearer picture of what your home will look like and how much it’ll cost to build.

Custom Home Plans

Design the Perfect Home

Ready to design your ideal home? Start talking with a proven home designer today and let Perry House Plans introduce you to our 3D home modeling software and immersive design process. When we’re done, we promise you’ll have the plans for a truly unique home—one unlike anything else in Oklahoma City, OK. Contact us today at 405-789-6373 to get started on your custom home plans and floor plan design.

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