Custom Floor Plans in Oklahoma City, OK

Have you tried looking for a floor plan for your dream home, but you can’t seem to find one you like? Do you have an idea for a new home designed in your head, and you just haven’t seen a custom floor plan design service anywhere that will meet your needs? Maybe you even have part or all of a home design concept drawn up in a program, or sketched out onto plain or graph paper? Searching for the right floor plans can be hard work not to mention that a house is one of the most expensive purchases you will make in your life.

That’s where Perry House Plans comes in. We have a professional team of home designers who will create high-quality custom floor plans just for you! Our team can help make suggestions as well as help you maximize the potential of your new home. We work with you to think through each room and make sure you aren’t just happy with your new home, but in love with the way it turned out!

We start with your concept or just make a list of what you want to accomplish including furniture needs, handicap friendly needs, electrical, or anything you ask for. Then, we create a preliminary floor plan you are happy with. After that, we develop the exterior front view. When you are totally satisfied, we finish the plan. We feel it is worth the time invested to get your own personal dream house plan.

Custom Floor Plans

Custom Floor Plan Design Services

Perhaps you have already selected a lot, but are having difficulty finding a house that fits? Deciding on the perfect design for your new home can feel overwhelming. How do you know which  designer will design the perfect home that suits your budget and your needs? Or maybe you’ve lived in your home for a while, and don’t want to move, but have new ideas

Custom Floor Plan Design Service

At Perry House Plans, we tackle your difficult lot scenarios in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, and Edmond, OK and work hand in hand with you to tackle custom floor plan design services for a home that fulfills your dreams and utilizes your lot to the fullest. Plus, we don’t just design entire homes, we also help create custom home plans to modify rooms in your current home, so your home is more livable and efficient.

Custom Floor Plans

Let us help you design the perfect home for you!

Whether you live to close to our office or anywhere in the United States, we would be happy to meet with your at the office or consult with you online via live chat, email, and telephone. We’ll review your ideas, and provide a free estimate for what it would cost to design your custom floor plans. At Perry House Plans, from complete designs for an entire house to custom floor plans for an extension, expanded living room, new kitchen, and more, we make it our mission to help you manifest your dream home.

Contact us at (800) 795-8160 to set up your construction management consultation today!