Reasons Why Your Foundation Is the Most Important Part of Your Home

February 17, 2022

One great thing about owning a home is that you have a roof over your head—but while the roof may get the spotlight, it’s really the foundation that is the rock star of a home. The foundation is literally what the entire home is built on, and it stands to reason that there wouldn’t be a home without it.

Perhaps the home foundation doesn’t get as much credit because it’s not always visible—but if it gets damaged, home foundation repair is as important as roof repair (if not more so).

Here are some reasons why the foundation is the most important part of your home.

Foundation holds up the house

The foundation is what grounds the home and keeps it secure. A home without a foundation is susceptible to the whims of Mother Nature, be that an earthquake, tornado, flood or anything other powerful natural force. A good foundation will keep your home secure through all of it.

Not only does the foundation keep the home safe through extreme elements, it keeps the home level and prevents it from sinking into the ground. A good foundation is more than just poured concrete; it’s a carefully measured and planned project in its own right. Everything from soil conditions to water table must be taken into account in addition to the physical properties of the foundation being able to support the weight of the home without cracking—and this must be sturdy enough to last for decades.

Another reason the foundation is so important is that it will keep your home stable even as the earth changes around it. Soil fluctuations, water tables and other geological forces can cause the earth beneath your home to change over time. A good foundation will help your home withstand those changes without effect to the structural integrity of the building.

Keep it cozy, keep it cool

Part of the importance of a good foundation is that it keeps your home insulated. The home foundation prevents heat loss through the bottom of the home and keeps things cool when you need it.

In addition to insulation from temperature, the foundation keeps moisture from the ground from seeping into your home. This can help prevent mold forming in hidden spots and spreading unknowingly throughout the home. A home foundation can also be damp-proofed to keep moisture from passing through the concrete walls in a basement.

Keep the bugs out

Bugs can often dig through dirt and find their way into a home, but it’s not so easy to dig through concrete. A good foundation can keep out bugs like termites, spiders or other creepy-crawlies. It’s important to make sure the foundation is in good shape, as cracks in the concrete can be openings for bugs to get in.

When you need a great foundation for your new home or if you need top-quality home foundation repair, contact Perry House Plans today. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to help keep your home rock solid for decades to come.

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