How Long Does It Take to Build a Home?

August 21, 2020

The prospect of building your own home in Oklahoma City, OK is an exciting one—at the end, you’ll get a brand-new home that’s full of modern amenities, wiring and plumbing, making your inspection, maintenance and repair schedule a lot easier than when you buy a pre-owned home. However, this process takes a bit longer than making an offer on a pre-existing home and going through closing. Most people find that the extra time is worth it, but it’s smart to know how long it will take and what variables might enter into the picture before signing on the dotted line.

How long does the average home take to build?

The average time for home construction depends on two main factors: where you live and whether you’re choosing a custom plan or a pre-designed home. This can range from as short as 6.1 months in the South to 11.1 months in the Northeast. In the Midwest, you can expect an average of 7.7 months to get your completed home.

If you opt for a custom home, expect your construction time to be longer. All custom homes (in any region) take an average of 8.9 months, while pre-designed homes take an average of six months to finish.

If you’re in a hurry to move into a new home, buying a brand-new home might not be the right choice for you.

What can affect construction time?

Your home building timeline in Oklahoma City, OK averages around seven to eight months, but there are variables that might shorten or lengthen that time:

  • Environment and weather: You should plan your home construction around major weather events, like snow—inclement weather can make it difficult, if not impossible, to perform some construction tasks like pouring a foundation. Where you’re building the home also affects the timing, and not just the region—typically, urban and suburban homes can be built quicker than those in rural locations.
  • Permitting process: You’ll need to get the appropriate permits (your contractor will assist with this process), which can take months depending on where you live and how backed up the city planning and permitting departments are at any given time.
  • Construction worker and supply availability: You can have everything ready to build, but if you’re unable to hire workers and get the supplies you need, it will delay your home’s construction. Talk to your contractor about whether they anticipate delays at this time of year, or if they’ve ever had issues in the past—they should be able to give you a general idea of whether your supplies tend to be in stock, and when the busy season might be.
  • Changes to the plan: Finally, changing the plan—whether you’ve decided you want marble countertops or you simply have to add a fourth bathroom—is going to add to any delays you experience. Many custom home buyers add time by changing the plan frequently.

When you’re ready to build a home in Oklahoma City, OK, call Perry House Plans to arrange a consultation.

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