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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Floor Plan

May 12, 2020

Investing in a custom-built home means creating your dream living space. Everything you’ve ever wanted and so much more is finally possible when you hire a home designer to make your dream home a reality. However, many homebuyers are curious about choosing a floor plan in Oklahoma City, OK that will meet all of their needs. Questions about the land or lot You’ll review quite a bit of information to educate yourself before making a decision when it comes to how to choose a floor plan in Oklahoma City, OK. This includes asking your real estate agent, house designer, contractor... View Article

Things to Know When Modifying House Plans

April 12, 2020

So, you’ve decided to go ahead with the design and build of your own custom home. When beginning the process, a lot of prospective home buyers look at plans for homes that their builder has already constructed. This enables buyers and builders to start the process on the same foot. That said, it’s hardly a custom home if you’re sticking to the pre-established plans. Once you have a few basic design concepts in mind, it’s time to get creative and take the next step, the one that turns a custom build into your dream home. In search of some inspiration?... View Article

The Benefits of 3D Home Design

February 18, 2020

More and more customers are looking to have a hand in the design and construction of their new home. There are a number of technological tools to help companies accommodate this desire, and 3D home design in Oklahoma City, OK is one of the most useful tools in helping interested parties envision the home of their dreams. It’s now possible to see concepts and plans in three dimensions before ground is ever broken, giving a new degree of control and cooperation. Earning customer buy-in Technology has changed the game for construction companies. Customers no longer have to try and decipher... View Article

Picture Yourself in a Floor Plan

May 15, 2019

If you’re planning on investing in a custom home, you want to make sure that every detail is exactly the way you want it. That starts with envisioning yourself in the floor plan and imagining what the space is like. It’s similar to visiting a house for the first time. You’ll need to orient yourself and think about each step through the plan of your new home. How do you feel about a wide wraparound porch? Is the entryway welcoming to visitors and your family alike? This process is one important step in making the dream of custom home plans... View Article

Decode the Hidden Language of Home Plans

May 3, 2019

When you first look at a home plan, it may not look like much of anything to you. What is the seemingly arbitrary collection of lines and weird marks? You might have a general idea of how many rooms a home has or where the bathroom is, but the details are a complete mystery. Luckily, it doesn’t take that long to get a grasp on how home plans work. You’ll want to understand the map’s lingo first before moving on with custom home plans in Oklahoma City, OK. Read on to find out more about the hidden language contained in... View Article

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