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Tips for Developing a House Plan That’s Both Attractive and Practical

June 12, 2020

When designing your dream home, obviously you are going to want a space that is beautiful, one that you can be proud of for decades to come. It is important, though, to balance that aesthetic value with functionality. It can be difficult to find a balance between creating an attractive space and having practical amenities and designs. Here are just a few tips to help you maintain that balance in your house plan between beauty vs. functionality in Oklahoma City, OK. Start with your absolute necessities When starting the house plan, you should consider the basic necessities you need in... View Article

Choosing the Right Exterior Siding for You

May 26, 2020

Most homeowners don’t realize how drastically exterior siding impacts the overall look of a house. Also, too many believe the misconception that there are limited exterior siding options in Oklahoma City, OK. In fact, there are quite a few options to choose from with exterior siding, and your decision will increase curb appeal for your home. How to choose the right siding As you consider different exterior siding ideas in Oklahoma City, OK, there are some important factors to consider: What is the architectural style of your home, and what siding will best match it? What is the overall look... View Article

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Floor Plan

May 12, 2020

Investing in a custom-built home means creating your dream living space. Everything you’ve ever wanted and so much more is finally possible when you hire a home designer to make your dream home a reality. However, many homebuyers are curious about choosing a floor plan in Oklahoma City, OK that will meet all of their needs. Questions about the land or lot You’ll review quite a bit of information to educate yourself before making a decision when it comes to how to choose a floor plan in Oklahoma City, OK. This includes asking your real estate agent, house designer, contractor... View Article

Things to Know When Modifying House Plans

April 12, 2020

So, you’ve decided to go ahead with the design and build of your own custom home. When beginning the process, a lot of prospective home buyers look at plans for homes that their builder has already constructed. This enables buyers and builders to start the process on the same foot. That said, it’s hardly a custom home if you’re sticking to the pre-established plans. Once you have a few basic design concepts in mind, it’s time to get creative and take the next step, the one that turns a custom build into your dream home. In search of some inspiration?... View Article

What You Should Look for When Choosing a Construction Management Team

April 3, 2020

A home is one of the most important things a person can own. It’s a sign of success in life, it’s a place to call your own and it’s a shelter where you and your friends and family can take refuge from the harsh realities of daily life. So, why are you living in a house that isn’t designed for your tastes and your lifestyle? Whether you’re hoping to have your home remodeled or are hoping to build your dream home from scratch, choosing a construction manager in Oklahoma City, OK is easily the most crucial step. Here are some... View Article

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