Get Your Home Ready for the Spring

February 6, 2023

With spring fast approaching, you may wonder how to prepare your home for the season. We’ve got you covered! Below you will find five easy tips to have your home ready for spring: decorate with flowers, add a spring tablescape, purchase new outdoor furniture, buy a new doormat, and switch out your curtains. Consider these five tips in greater detail and evaluate if these would be the perfect implementations for your home in preparation for the spring season! 

1. Decorate With Flowers

With the abundance of beautiful flowers and greenery that grows in the springtime, you can utilize them to decorate your home. Whether you purchase a large bouquet arrangement or opt for smaller bud vases, you will add a bright and refreshing feature to your living space. When decorating with flowers, you can embrace the spring color scheme to feel the festive spirit of the new season- pale pinks, yellows, whites, purples, and blues. Examples of popular flower options for springtime include daffodils, tulips, forget-me-nots, and iris. 


2. Add a Spring Tablescape

Adding a spring tablescape to your home will create an inviting and festive area to gather your family and friends for parties and other formal gatherings. Consider the color schemes and spring themes that align with your style preferences to create the perfect tablescape for your home. Some features to contemplate adding to the tablescape are tablecloths, placemats, candles, cutlery, and unique table gifts for each seating area. 


3. Purchase New Outdoor Furniture 

With the beautiful weather and the increase in the sunshine that is bound to accompany the spring season, update your outdoor furniture so that you are ready to enjoy the fresh air! Whether this looks like purchasing a brand-new furniture set or swapping out just a few items, updates to the outdoor area can create the perfect oasis to enjoy with family and friends. Additionally, you may add other decor features to your outdoor furniture, such as throw pillows, outdoor umbrellas, and tables to enhance the space even more.

4. Buy a New Doormat 

When reviewing your options for spring decor ideas, you may not consider buying a new doormat. To your possible surprise, a new doormat will be the very first home feature your guests see when entering your home. Swap out your drabby winter doormats and purchase one with bright colors and a happy aesthetic to invite the spring season into your home.

5. Switch Out Your Curtains

After winter, you will no longer need thick and dark curtains in your living space. While these curtains may have been convenient for keeping out the cold, you no longer need them with the new warm, fresh air and sunshine of the new season. Purchase a thinner curtain with a lighter color scheme to brighten your home’s ambiance and allow as much natural light into your home as possible. 

If you are wondering how to update your home for spring, review these five tasks above and explore which options are needed most in your home. Research your purchase options today and watch your home transform with these spring decor ideas.


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