Christmas Home Trends To Inspire Your Creativity

December 27, 2022

Would you like to renovate and do the decorations of your home so you can increase your ROI (Return on Investment?) You’re at the right place. With expert industry knowledge and affordable prices, the team at Perry House Plans can help you with custom home plans and architectural designs. Be inspired by these Christmas decorating trends. 

1 – Make it Warm and Cozy

In many parts of the world, the festive season comes in at a cold and snowy time. This is the perfect time to deck your home with amazing picks like adorning the fireplace mantle. Add some plush cushions and textures for that warm, delightful feeling.

2 – Hang It on the Walls

You can add some beautiful wall hangings to your spaces. Some inexpensive Christmas-inspired artworks are pretty too. You can also add your selection of artwork and frames. Hanging a family portrait is also great and adds that touch or personality to the home.

3 – Cottage-Inspired Neutral Décor

If you’re not keen to splash on many bright colors, then play it safe with cottage or farm-style décor. Your spaces can feature rustic furnishings and décor as this adds that beautiful flair of neutral textures and natural finishes. Think of colors white, tan and brown, as well as black.

4 – Add Personal Touches

Few things attract your eye to a space and make it more original than when a few personal or sentimental pieces are added. You may also want to think about the size of the items so that the space you’re planning to fit them won’t seem too crowded. Your guests would appreciate the personal effect.

5 – Opt for Sustainability

When it comes to looking out for the environment, sustainability matters. Instead of brand-new materials, why not try and get your hands on some recycled or repurposed items to increase the user-friendliness geared towards the planet? Try wicker furniture, concrete texture, bamboo creations, and lots of light coming in. Natural materials are a wonderful way to add Christmas trends to your home.

6 – Decorate Across the Rooms

Go further and decorate the other rooms too. There’s no need to limit the Christmas decorations to only the living room spaces. Instead, add a touch in the guest toilet and the bedrooms too.

7 – Mono Colors

If you’re sprucing up your place and going with some fresh paint and color, why not try some color-blocking textured colors? You can do a feature wall with the rest of the wall in a different color, creating that trendy color block effect.  


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