The Most Popular Home Trends of 2022

September 18, 2022

Home decoration trends change annually, and sometimes they change several times within the same year. If you’re thinking about revamping your home, you’ll need some fresh tips that go along with the modern styles. These are some top home trends of 2022 you can use when decorating your dwelling in a fresh new way:

Use vibrant colors instead of drab tones. 

If you’re wondering if gray and beige are excellent colors in 2022, the answer is no. Designers are moving along the lines of putting up more vibrant colors. Thus, you should rethink the areas where you feel like gray is an amazing tone. Instead, use colors such as red, blue, and green. Green is the color of nature and money. You can’t go wrong with either one of those these days. 

Keep it minimal. 

Crowding the home is almost a thing of the past. Homeowners and interior decorators are tossing the idea of the farmhouse look and gravitating toward minimalistic and retro styles. Consider changing your all-white rooms to something more lively and visually stimulating. Think about using hippie themes, psychedelic backdrops, or colors that can wake up a sleeping person. 

Space it out. 

Another thing homeowners are doing in 2022 is returning to their pre-pandemic arrangements. There was a time when all family members were stuck in the house, sharing rooms for various activities. Now that the world is getting out of the quarantine realm, homeowners are going back to dedicating each room to its individual purpose.

It might be time to move those office items out of the living room and back into the den. While you’re at it, you can revamp the furniture and carpeting for a fresh look. Leather furniture is still the "in thing" for dens. Take some time to give your home office a more professional tone and return its sole use. 

Consider the natural look. 

Another issue that arose during times of crisis was that people couldn’t go outside as much as they wanted to. A new style of designing the interior to look like the outside became a hot trend because of it. Elements such as brick, stone, marble, and lots of plants took up residence in these homes. You may consider giving your casa a nice earthly look to keep up with this natural trend. 

Go artisan. 

The artisan style has picked up a lot in these modern days as well. Thus, you might want to look into adding some wicker furniture to your home or adorning certain areas with ceramic vases, bowls, and other items. The excellent part about wicker is that you can always put it outside if you bore of it or the trend shifts in another direction. 

The above changes are some of the biggest interior trends of 2022. You can copy them exactly or put your own unique spin on one of them. One things’s for sure: You’ll see your home in a whole new light when you’re done, and you’ll be proud of your accomplishment. 

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