How To Choose the Right Interior Design Style

July 18, 2022

Choosing the right interior design style is important. Maybe you already have many ideas but are unsure what you should focus on first. Perhaps you feel like your style is all over the place. Maybe you’re drawn by all the various trends that come along. Learning how to choose a design style makes decorating your home much easier.

Choosing the Right Interior Design Style

Are you asking, “How to find the interior design style for me?” Learning how to choose a design style that matches your personality enables you to design your home with confidence. Here are some tips you can implement to help you make the process easier.

Closet Cues

The first step you should take is to learn how to take design cues from your own closet. Pay attention to the colors, fabrics, and patterns of your favorite clothing. Maybe you wear a lot of blue and white. You can use these same colors and incorporate them into your decorating style for your home.

Create a Style Vignette

You can receive many design cues from some of the most surprising things and places. Many times, there is a little something, a twist, or detail that just meshes well with you and feels right, such as the artwork in a bedroom, etc.

Walk around your home, go through your décor closet, and try to gather anything that captures the feeling and look you adore.

Once you have done that, you can combine those ideas in one area of your home and design a vignette of objects that tell a story about how you want your home to look and feel and who you are.

Gather Inspiration for Design

Your next step should be gathering some inspiration to help you narrow your decorating style. You can visit local art galleries, botanical gardens, museums, restaurants, or hotels. You can even get some ideas from travel, nature, film, or music. Sort through coffee table books and interior design magazines for some design inspiration.

Another great way to help you narrow your decorating style is to visit home décor sites or catalogs.

Create a Visual Reminder of Design Styles

As you gather inspiration, you should put together a folder as a virtual mood or design board to keep on your phone. Take screenshots of spaces you adore or a couple of photos of your design inspiration vignette from the second step.  Seeing the patterns, colors, and items you love all in one space can provide clarity regarding your style.

Changing Your Mind

You should also know that it is okay to change your mind throughout the process when it comes to expressing your unique style in your home. There is no right or wrong way to do so. Keep experimenting until you find a look that resonates with you.

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