How Much Are Barndominium Kits?

May 18, 2022

Barndominium buildings have been on the rise over the last couple of years. This is a barn-like structure that can be converted into office space, a living space, or both. Barndos can easily be built from wooden kits. However, metal barndominium kits have also become popular because of their many benefits that make construction cost-efficient. Barndos are usually sophisticated and may even have some fancy features that rival luxury homes. Their large open space makes them appealing and allows for creative designs. When you want to build this structure, you will need to buy a barndominium kit.

Barndominium Kit Prices

So, how much does a barndominium kit cost? The price you will pay for a kit will depend on various factors such as dimension, insulation, interiors, etc. A basic barndominium shell goes for about $25,000 with the floor. A quality 2,000 sq ft barn house goes for about $200,000.

Engineered or prefab kits are usually cheaper than building a unit from scratch. This is one of the reasons the kits have grown in popularity. In addition, they reduce the construction period and lower the overall cost of materials.

Average Barndominium Prices

When looking for barndominium kits for sale, compare different quotes from different sellers. You may find some are more affordable than others. But here is a rough idea of the average cost of barndominium prices:

  • High-end barndominium: $149 per sq ft
  • DIY barndominium: $22 per sq ft
  • Average cost: $70 per sq ft

There are also other additional costs you will incur, such as delivery, doors and windows, foundation, fittings and construction.

How to Build a Barndominium

If you are ready to build a barndominium, here is the process to get you started.

Highlight Your Needs

Before you start, highlight what you want. This includes things like dimension and both your interior and exterior design. This will allow you to get the right kit.

Check Requirements

Ensure that you are complying with the building codes when building a barndo. This will prevent you from running into any problems in the middle of the construction.

Template or Custom

You have the option of getting a customized barndominium shell or going with a standard design. The former will cost you more, but you will end up with something tailored to your needs.

Prefabricating Your Design

Once the supplier approves your design, it will be sent to a manufacturer. This will take a short time, after which you will have your kits shipped to your location.  


Constructing a barndominium from prefabricated kits is much easier because you only need to fit them together. However, keep in mind that you are still building a residential structure and a lot of things go into it. This involves plumbing, wiring, heating, insulation, etc. You will need a team of professionals to help you with such tasks.

At Perry House Plans, our team is made up of professional designers. From designing your dream home to construction and installation, our team will work with you every step of the way. If you have fallen in love with a barndo structure, give us a call for a consultation, and we will find a solution to your needs.

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