The Custom Floor Plan Process

April 18, 2022

Have you ever wondered what goes into designing a custom floor plan? While it may seem like a simple thing, a floor plan is what will determine things like furniture layout and wiring systems. And when a floor plan has been well designed, it makes a home more appealing and creates a nice flow between rooms. Take a look at the process involved in designing a custom floor plan.

Meeting the Client

The first step involves meeting up with clients to talk about their needs, thoughts, dreams, ideas, sketches and photos. Some clients will even bring pages from magazines saying what they want. This is also the part where you discuss the number of rooms and whether there are special features a client would want. This initial stage involves sharing ideas and asking questions until both the client and the designer come to a mutual agreement.

Price Quote and Scheduling

Next comes deciding what the project will cost and scheduling it. Pricing for a custom design will depend on many things, such as the size of the home and the designer. But to facilitate the process, the designer will need information on the materials a client will be using to build the home, the address of the construction site, building budget, local building jurisdiction, architectural elements, etc.

The Designing Process

This is one of the main parts of a custom floor plan process. The designer will develop preliminary floor plans based on the information the client gave. Once that is done, the designers meet with the client to review the plans and get feedback. If the client wants any changes, they will be done at this stage.

Modification Process

When the floor plans are almost done, they will get passed to the person designing the exterior of the house and preparing for the construction. During this stage, small modifications may be necessary to achieve the right roof design, architectural design, exterior elevation and other details.

Developing Interior Elevations

This is the step where the project starts coming alive. The stage involves developing architectural details, fireplace designs, cabinet styles, door and window details, etc. There will also be some changes in the floor plan as things come into perspective.


Most homeowners look forward to this part because it involves the selection of the finish materials and paint colors. At this point, the designer is ready to make and finalize the selections. That does not mean that this cannot be done simultaneously with the processes mentioned above. However, this is the stage where everyone has a clear picture of what finishes are needed and for where. After the selections are made, they will be added to the elevation, creating schematics for wood flooring patterns, tile layouts, etc.

The Final Step

Once the floor plan design is finished, it will be passed to the person in charge of the construction plans to be included in the project preparation.

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