Construction Laws to Know Before You Build a House

February 15, 2022

Building a home can be a dream come true. You get to design your own space with custom features and architecture that fits your style and how you live—but building a home is a big project, and there are some home construction laws you should know about before taking it on.

For example, there are regulations around zoning, building codes and local ordinances that must be adhered to during planning and construction—and there are many permits that must be approved before construction can begin.

Here are some laws to know for building a house.

Land and zoning approvals

Before even the first phase of construction can begin on your dream home, it’s important to make sure you have the proper approvals to build a home you will be happy with. Just because you own land does not mean you can do whatever you want—there are regulations around what type of construction you can do on that land.

Zoning laws are one example of a regulation you may need to be aware of. This type of home construction law dictates what type of building can be erected—and for what purpose. It’s important to know how your property is zoned and what type of structure can and can’t be built on it.

Building codes

Building codes are another type of regulation that pertains to the physical structures being erected on the property. There are international building codes that must be adhered to for safety, but there are also national and local building codes to take into consideration. The engineer or contractor working on your home should know these regulations, but it doesn’t hurt to be familiar with them yourself.

Similar to building codes, local ordinances need to be adhered to during new home construction. This might be a bylaw in a homeowner’s association agreement, or it may be a city or county ordinance. Either way, you will need to make sure your design and construction plan doesn’t break any local rules.

Permit process

One thing that can take a lot of time during home construction is the permitting process. Government agencies need to approve permits for new construction, and they don’t always move quickly. Sometimes there needs to be a public hearing for input on a new construction project, and that can take even more time.

The permitting process can require plans for everything from structural drawings to what materials will cover the exterior of the home. It’s important to work with an experienced home designer to make sure this process goes smoothly with as few delays as possible.

Even with the most thorough research, there are probably more laws to know for building a house than you realize. When building your dream home, it’s vital to work with a company with the experience and attention to detail to make the project go smoothly and leave you happy in your new home for decades to come. When you need the best in home design and construction, contact Perry House Plans today.

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