What to Expect When Building a Custom Home vs. Buying an Existing Home in 2021

June 2, 2021

Trying to decide if building a custom home from scratch is right for you? The global pandemic of 2020 changed all aspects of life and the economy, and the construction industry wasn’t spared from its effects. Here’s what you should expect if you enlist the services of the professionals in custom home design in Oklahoma City, OK to construct a new-construction property.

Building custom

One of the primary advantages of choosing to build a tailor-made home instead of purchasing an existing property on the market is that you get to put your own personal stamp on all aspects of the property. From the number of rooms to the quality of fixtures and finishes, designing and building a house from scratch is a satisfying process, and it doesn’t necessarily take longer than searching through homes on the market, especially if your must-have list includes high-end features that aren’t typically found in homes in your area. The pandemic has also created a housing shortage on the market, so you’ll be competing with plenty of other buyers for move-in-ready properties.

Working with an expert in custom home design in Oklahoma City, OK streamlines the process. You’ll have a design professional on your side to help you select a suitable site, determine your needs and wants and ensure that the process of construction goes smoothly. It’s smart to work with a design-build company that has all the tools at their disposal to develop a plan for your home as well as a dedicated construction team to bring your vision to life. Working with home designers is much cheaper than working with an architect, and you often get better results since they know the ins and outs of the entire construction process.

Buying existing

As mentioned above, there’s a housing shortage due to the pandemic. It’s harder to find exactly what you want in such a competitive market. You’ll likely have to make some compromises, and the older the house you buy, the higher the chance that you’ll have to sink money into repairs and make adjustments so the property will suit your needs. Remember that older homes weren’t built with modern standards or materials—they’re typically inefficient and generally don’t rise to today’s standards of living. Starting from scratch is a better option that may be able to save you time, money and hassle in the long run.

While it may seem simpler to purchase an existing home rather than building a custom property from scratch, that’s not always the case. With proper planning and some flexibility, you can create a completely tailor-made house according to your desired timeline if you work with an expert in custom home design in Oklahoma City, OK. You’ll also end up with a property that has all your must-haves instead of settling for what’s already on the market. Contact the team at Perry House Plans today to learn about how easy it is to bring your dreams to life with our experienced custom home design services. We look forward to working with you!

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