Five Common House Features and Their Secret Meanings

January 14, 2021

Houses old and new are filled with hidden secrets. People who do a little digging on the history of their Oklahoma City, OK homes will soon realize that house designs are not always what they seem. Keep reading to uncover the mysteries of common household features that are hiding in plain sight.

Creaky floorboards

Creaky floorboards are a trademark of scary movies. Nightmarish scenes often take place in homes that were built centuries ago and are now deteriorating from neglect. The truth is, your home isn’t creaking because it’s old or poorly maintained—even brand-new builds have this problem. Houses creak whenever there’s a significant change in the temperature or humidity levels. The underlying wooden structure contracts with cold temperatures and expands with the heat. If your house creaks a lot, you could be dealing with poor insulation.

Rooftop balconies

While creaky floorboards are nothing to be afraid of, rooftop balconies come with a haunting story. They hearken back to 18th century Italy for the purpose of giving women a bird’s-eye view of the harbor, restlessly awaiting the return of their husbands. These platforms earned the nickname of “widow’s walks” because men commonly died overseas. Try not to think about it next time you go up there to sun bathe or enjoy a cocktail hour with friends!

Brass door knobs

You’ve probably never stopped to ask why brass door knobs are a common feature in house designs. Rest assured it’s no coincidence that all the architects in Oklahoma City, OK favor this type of metal. Brass has natural disinfecting properties that can neutralize bacteria in as little as eight hours. Homeowners looking to renovate should consider brass door knobs, since they’re one of the most frequently touched surfaces.

Staircase spindles

Spindles are the vertical posts that hold up staircase railings. They’re also known as balusters, a name that originates from the Italian word for pomegranate. The connection between spindles and pomegranates becomes clear when you take a look at the flowers that blossom on pomegranate bushes. Houses that are centuries old have decorative spindles that resemble the petals of the pomegranate flower. Nowadays, modern house designs lean towards sleek, minimalist spindles.

Textured walls

In addition to pomegranate-shaped spindles, older homes in Oklahoma City, OK commonly have textured plaster along the interior walls. Plaster earned its unique appearance from builders blotting the surface with actual roses. Though an outdated practice, pressing rose petals into plaster adds to the romantic ambience of Victorian homes with their steeply pitched roofs and strong, boxy exteriors. Textured plaster is a relic of the past and won’t show up in newer builds. But with the right contractor, you might be able to recreate the look.

As you can see, the novelty of a home only gets better with age. Architectural tastes evolve with time, but you can still incorporate these unique household features and more when you hire the team at Perry House Plans. Generate some ideas for your home renovations by browsing through our various house designs, and then give us a call to get started on your project!

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