Design Tips That Keep Kids in Mind When Building a House

January 14, 2021

Many homes are less than ideal for the safety of your children (or future children). They include floors with different levels and open riser staircases that look chic but are a disaster waiting to happen. Couples looking to grow their family should skip the house hunting and design custom home plans with a contractor from Oklahoma City, OK.

Open living spaces

Every parent knows just how important it is to keep children in their line of sight at all times. Older homes don’t accommodate this need because the living room and kitchen are separated by walls. The benefit of custom home plans is that your family can opt for an open layout that lets you monitor small children from across the room.

Open layouts come with additional benefits, like more room for play dates and a place for the whole family to gather around the dinner table. They encourage family and guests to congregate in one central part of the house, making it the perfect floor plan for everyone to enjoy.


As kids get older, they like to explore different interests. Your new home should have a mudroom because chances are they’ll want to try out sports one day. The mudroom should branch off from the garage entrance so dirt doesn’t get tracked across your nice clean floors. Even if your kids never get into sports, every home needs a mudroom for those days of building snow forts and splashing in mud puddles.

If you have the luxury of designing a brand new home, make cleanup easier by expanding the mudroom floor plans to accommodate a laundry station. That way, your kid’s muddy football jersey can go straight into the wash. Mudrooms should also include other amenities like shoe racks, coat hangers and tile floors.

Kid-friendly staircases

It seems everyone has one childhood memory in common: getting their head stuck between the taircase spindles. Your custom home plans have to keep potential mishaps like this in mind. If you’re designing a two-story house, make sure the spindles are close enough so your child won’t get stuck or fall through. Couples that anticipate having children one day should consult a contractor in Oklahoma City, OK about other child safety features.

Backyard features

Of course, every kid needs plenty of backyard space to run around and play with their friends. Sprawling lawns are a must if you want a playground, pool and designated lounge area for the adults. Just like with the staircase, remember to incorporate safety features so you can spend more time enjoying the Oklahoma City, OK heat and not have to worry too much about your child getting hurt. Ask your contractor to build a fence around the yard’s perimeter and pool.

Having kids is a big step, and your new home will need to be ready for anything. For additional kid-friendly design tips, speak with one of the professionals at Perry House Plans. We’re the experts in building family homes from the ground up. Share your ideas with us to get started!

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