Bring These Things When Meeting a Home Designer for New Home Plans

November 18, 2020

You finally have everything you need to make your dream home a reality. To transform this vision into an actual house, however, you have to work closely with a home designer. If this process is new for you, learn what to bring to meet with a home designer in Oklahoma City, OK to get the ball rolling on your construction project.

Bring these six items to your first new home planning meeting

As you prepare to meet with a home designer in Oklahoma City, OK, you want to gather the following information and documents:

  • Your vision: Before meeting with the home designer you hired, write down any ideas for your new home. Maybe you love a certain aesthetic, or you’d like to use a specific color palette. Find visuals to share with your home designer that depict what you want. Create a Pinterest board or just a physical folder filled with clippings from magazines, catalogs or brochures—anything that helps your designer understand the vision you have for your new home.
  • Specifications: A home designer needs to know about the space they’ll be working with, so bring along as much information about the lot as possible. This includes details such as size, street access and any large landscaping or natural features.
  • Budget: Now is the time to determine the funding available for designing your new house. You need to be clear about how much you can afford to spend planning and building this house so your designer can reasonably work within your financial limitations. Part of determining your budget is also prioritizing what upgrades and features you want. If a home gym is at the top of your wish list, but you would also like a home theater, you might have to choose between one or the other to stay within your budget.
  • Special accommodations: You’re designing a home meant just for you and your family, so what do you and your family need in a custom-built home? Maybe you love to cook and want a big kitchen filled with top-end appliances. Perhaps your family enjoys outdoor recreation activities and needs a large garage or storage area for all of your gear. This is also when to consider any mobility accommodations for physical limitations, such as ramps instead of steps.
  • Preferred vendors, materials or products: During your initial meeting with a home designer, share preferences about the design and construction of your new house. All of this information factors into the final design used to build your home. Save yourself the expense of undoing costly work by voicing these preferences from the get-go.
  • Contact information: You and your partner/spouse need to decide who will be the designer’s primary point of contact, then provide the designer with the best email address and phone number to get in touch with you—this limits confusion and miscommunication.

As you prepare to meet with a home designer in Oklahoma City, OK, remember to bring along any of your questions. The home designers at Perry House Plans will provide answers to any of your questions or concerns. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with a home designer.

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