Five Types of Construction Laws to Review Before You Build

October 21, 2020

Building a new home is exciting, but if you design and build without reviewing the laws, you could be in for a bad surprise. The construction laws around building a new home in Oklahoma City, OK are unforgiving, and many people end up having to demolish to modify their dream homes because they did not check their plans against regulations first. Before you believe that you have a site chosen and your plan will work, here are five areas of new home construction laws you need to check:

  • Lot approval: Before you buy that seemingly ideal lot, check and make sure your home design will work with it first. Just because you own land doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with it. There are many reasons a lot may not be an approved building site. You can check that status through the assessor’s website to confirm building is an option.
  • Zoning laws: All zoning laws are available to the public. If you plan on keeping horses on your land or building a pool, make sure those activities are allowed first. Just because a house is allowed on the property does not mean you can add barns, shops or public spaces as well. When you submit a building plan, include all the planned buildings and structures. Otherwise, you may face demolition charges later.
  • Covenants: Small rules and regulations may limit your home design options. Covenants are ordinances that list these limits. For example, if you wish to build where other homes enjoy a great view, there will likely be a limit on the height of your home. That can be a major limit if your dream of a three-story house is restricted by a limit of two stories. It is a good idea to learn these limits before you design. That way, you can decide whether the location is worth conforming to these covenants.
  • Building codes: The rules affect the way garages, homes and shops are built. They concern topics like electrical wiring and whether your plumbing design meets minimum health and safety standards. If you hire a good contractor, you likely will not have to worry about these requirements. However, it never hurts to know, just in case. Providing this information to a designer or builder ahead of time could reduce construction delays and prevent code violations.
  • Permits and plans: Construction starts when all the permits and plans are in place. You often need permits even if you are remodeling, and each application includes drawings of the structure, measurements, floor plans and exterior material. Contractors secure these permits, and if they fail to do so, they are vulnerable to serious legal liability. Discuss permits with your contractor, and if they seem to hint at skipping these essential steps, hire someone else.

Perry House Plans is a full-service home and building designer. Whether you choose from one of our home plans or ask for a custom design, we will make sure your new home meets all applicable new home construction laws in Oklahoma City, OK. Contact us today to work with an team that knows the construction laws around building a new home and will make sure your home is in compliance.

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