Tips for Developing a House Plan That’s Both Attractive and Practical

June 12, 2020

When designing your dream home, obviously you are going to want a space that is beautiful, one that you can be proud of for decades to come. It is important, though, to balance that aesthetic value with functionality.

It can be difficult to find a balance between creating an attractive space and having practical amenities and designs. Here are just a few tips to help you maintain that balance in your house plan between beauty vs. functionality in Oklahoma City, OK.

Start with your absolute necessities

When starting the house plan, you should consider the basic necessities you need in the home. Consider the layout of each room, including where you’ll put the appliances in your kitchen, how you will design a living room or bedroom that fits your furniture and needs, whether or not you need a home office and how many total bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll have.

Once you have the basics planned out, you’ll be able to focus more on the luxuries and the aesthetics.

Create a design with your lifestyle in mind

When thinking about the designs you’ll implement for the rooms in your home, try to visualize being there yourself. What will you be looking at when sitting on each piece of furniture? How much natural light will you get in a certain room? What kinds of colors or finishes will help make the space feel bigger and brighter? How will the design of each room fit in with your general lifestyle? These are all questions you should consider as you visualize your spaces.

Create designs that flow well

It’s important to make sure the house flows as a single cohesive unit. Rooms that serve similar purposes should be grouped together. The kitchen should be adjacent to the dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms should be located near each other, pass-through rooms should only be shared common spaces like living rooms and family rooms, etc.

A house plan that flows well contributes to the functionality of your home, as well as to its beauty. Each individual room will become easier to design if they are next to other rooms that serve similar functions, because you can use similar design elements to tie the rooms together. Otherwise, if you fail to plan the design of your home in a flowing way, it could result in a very hodgepodge sort of feel.

Consider your furniture

You know the kinds of furniture you already have, as well as the furniture you’ll be purchasing before you move into your home, so be sure to lay out the furniture in your plans so you can figure out the optimal arrangements and see how all the furniture fits together. This will help you decide on furniture sizes and other features if there are still items you need to purchase.

We strongly recommend working with a professional home designer who can help you create a home that balances style and practicality. For more information about creating house plans with functionality in mind in Oklahoma City, OK, contact Perry House Plans today.

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