Things to Consider When Building an Old World Style Home

June 20, 2020

While many people designing and building new homes today focus on contemporary design trends, there is still a sizable subset of the market that favors traditional, Old World style designs. This type of architecture is characterized by detailed, high-quality craftsmanship and the use of durable materials like stone, metal and large lumber. It is rooted in the style of architecture that was most prominent in Europe before the discovery of North America.

If you are to build a home in this style in Oklahoma City, OK, you can expect greater expense due to the quality of the Old World home building materials and craftsmanship needed to pull it off. It is important to work with an experienced, reputable architect and high-quality contractors and craftsmen to be able to achieve the elegance associated with the Old World architectural style.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Finding the right design partner: As previously stated, it is important that you work with an architect who has a history in designing this specific style of home so you can be certain you’re getting what you’re looking for. Research some of the homes in your area that resemble the style you want, and see if you can find the architects who designed them. Set up interviews and discuss their design philosophy and your ideas.
  • Prominent exterior features: The exterior of Old World style homes will generally feature natural options instead of manmade alternatives. Instead of vinyl siding, for example, you’ll see a lot of stone, stucco and brick. For roofing, you’ll see a lot of slate and tile as opposed to asphalt shingles to ensure it will blend in with the rest of the exterior. Main doors will feature heavy, darkly stained wood with ornate features. Other common architectural elements include arched doorways and windows, as well as ironwork for gates, shutters and balconies.
  • Prominent interior features: The inside of Old World style homes will generally feature a lot of natural materials as well, including wood and stone. Wooden floors will generally not have the shiny top coat you’d see in more modern style homes. Fireplaces will be made of various sizes of stone rather than perfectly sized pieces. Expect to see lots of built-in wooden features, and finishes and furnishings repurposed from antique wood or old construction.
  • Landscaping: You should consider the landscaping as well when planning out how you’ll design your Old World style home. Outdoor entertaining areas should always feel like an extension of the home. Instead of wooden decks, you might consider stone patios with large planters and surrounded by garden beds. You might consider extending a cover off the house featuring the same roof material as the home, or using a cover with wood lattice. Fountains and other large stone pieces can also help add some character to your exterior décor.

For more information about some of the features and amenities you should consider incorporating into an Old World home style design in Oklahoma City, OK, contact the team at Perry House Plans today.

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