What Materials Should I Consider for a Craftsman House?

March 18, 2020

At the turn of the 20th century, a furniture maker named Gustav Stickley had grown tired of the popularity of Victorian art, decor and architecture. Stickley felt that the Victorian style, with its busy embellishments and inherent opulence, represented a bygone era that devalued both the people who lived in the home as well as the people who built it.

Stickley’s response to the Victorian style came to be known as the craftsman movement. This art and architectural style emphasized simplicity, local materials and—above all—honesty in construction. For more than a century, craftsman style house plans in Oklahoma City, OK have represented more than just a type of house. They exemplify a philosophy that stands for personal expression and comfort without any pretense.

Looking to build your own version of this timeless architectural expression? Here’s where to start.

An extension of the environment

At their core, craftsman style homes in Oklahoma City, OK were meant to get back to the roots of design. The first craftsman architects took this concept quite literally. They used cedar shingles and exposed woodwork to make sure the outside of their structures would fit naturally into the environment around them.

Multi-tiered roofs

Where some homes strive to make their roofs an equal height, craftsman homes rise to meet their needs, and that’s it. The result is a home with roofs that sit at various heights. Some homeowners even use different roofing styles on separate parts of the roof to add a little visual flair.

Porch time

Historically, craftsman style homes in Oklahoma City, OK tend to have overhanging roofs. This creates the ideal opportunity for homeowners to build covered porches perfect for lounging on a warm summer day.

Go wood or go home

Inside the walls of your craftsman home, try to preserve the tendency toward the style’s nature-inspired look. That is, make sure to include several windows that let in sunlight as well as several wood features. Built-in bookshelves, a mantle or a window seat can all add some natural flair to your indoor space.

Think about a fireplace

A wood-burning fireplace is as much a part of craftsman style homes as nature itself. In developing the craftsman style, the house was to get away from the stiff, cold feel of Victorian England by increasing the comfort level—and there are few things more comfortable than sinking into an overstuffed couch next to a roaring fireplace on a cold Oklahoma day.

Your craftsman architect

At Perry House Plans, we have a massive array of craftsman style house plans in Oklahoma City, OK that are sure to excite any potential homeowner. Whether you are a residential client building your dream home or a commercial contractor planning a development, Perry House Plans is the team you can rely on.
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