Choosing the Right Style Home for You

February 27, 2020

Choosing the right style for your custom home build in Oklahoma City, OK is one of the most fun decisions you’ll make. American residential architecture borrows from many different international and domestic styles, giving you a breadth of now-classic styles to choose from. Here is an overview of four of the most popular house styles in the country, to help you decide which is right for you and your family.


The Craftsman style dates back to the turn of the 20th century. Craftsman-style homes put a focus on simple materials and construction, and are a visual answer to the elaborate and occasionally fussy Victorian homes of the 19th century. Craftsman homes are characterized by their horizontal lines, low triangular-shaped (gable) roofs that extend beyond the home, often with exposed beams or rafters. They often use handmade local materials and design elements, with simple decoration.

Often, Craftsman homes will have large porches, and their interior echoes the exterior design. If you love built-in bookcases and smaller, cozier rooms (as opposed to open floor plans), the Craftsman style could be right for your custom home design in Oklahoma City, OK.

Old World

Old World-style homes take their inspiration from historical European architecture (pre-16th century), showcasing stone and large pieces of metal and lumber. With such a wide time span involved, it’s not uncommon to see Greek influences alongside medieval British styles.

Stone, stucco and slate are all good options for an Old World exterior, set off by arched doorways, dark stained wood and elaborate ironwork. Interiors are equally traditional and masculine, as opposed to the light and airy open concept homes that are currently popular. If you love historical buildings, this style might work well for you.


Rustic design can encompass many different design elements, all united by a single theme: natural, aged materials in a simple, rough design. From lodges to farmhouses, there are many different types of rustic home styles.

You’ll see plenty of aged wood and stone in rustic homes, as well as natural colors and lots of handmade elements. If you love the natural elegance of a mountain lodge or the earthiness of a seaside cottage, you might enjoy a rustic custom home design in Oklahoma City, OK.

French Country

French Country is making a comeback. This somewhat ornate style uses weathered materials and warm, yet subdued color palettes to both the interior and exterior. You might see gabled ceilings and exposed beams inside, with a traditional cottage exterior. Florals are often used for the interior designs, with country blue and pops of yellow setting off natural tones.

Custom home designs in Oklahoma City, OK

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