How Does Rain Affect Houses Under Construction?

December 16, 2019

Building a custom home is exciting and offers so many great benefits, but the process itself can be challenging. There are numerous factors that can affect the timeline of designing custom homes in Oklahoma City, OK and can be hard to predict exactly when your project will be finished. With that in mind, it’s possible that you will have to deal with rainy weather that can affect your home building project. Read on to find out more about how rain affects houses under construction and how you can protect your custom home from damage.

Common concerns for homebuilding in the rain

Finished houses are designed with all of the features that are necessary to protect a home’s structure from the elements. During the home building process, materials that are meant to frame a home are exposed to the elements, and that means they might become damp or wet from the rain. A lot of homeowners worry about the potential damage that rain can cause for a home’s framing, but it’s actually very common for framing to get wet during the construction process, and it’s usually not a major cause for concern. In fact, many experts say that exposure to rain isn’t a problem at all during home construction.

Lumber that’s exposed to rain during a home construction project is unlikely to sustain any serious damage from rot or mildew development, but there are still some issues that can come up as a result of exposed framing. Hanging sheetrock up on lumber that’s been soaked in the rain can result in some serious long-term problems for a home’s structural integrity. To avoid problems later on, it’s best to wait until lumber has dried out before hanging up any sheetrock. Request humidity tests to determine the moisture content of your lumber prior to sheetrock installation. Wait until lumber has a moisture content of 19 percent or less before moving ahead with the construction process.

Drying lumber

If your lumber is taking a long time to dry out on its own, there are other things that can speed the process along. Fans, dehumidifiers and heat sources can all promote more rapid drying so you don’t have to wait too long to keep moving forward with the construction project. Consult with your construction management company or general contractor to ensure you know what to expect from the construction process during rainy weather. These experts will be able to give you a better idea of your construction timeline when weather conditions take a turn.

Custom home plans in Oklahoma City, OK

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