Tornado-Proofing Your Home in Oklahoma City, OK

October 14, 2019

Tornadoes are terrifying because of their capacity for destruction. In the United States, tornadoes kill an average of 60 people per year. Winds can rage in excess of 200 miles per hour, and when they hurl debris, they quickly turn deadly.

We’re often asked if homes can be tornado-proofed, and the answer is that it would have to be able to stand up to a missile: that’s how strong the winds are. You could, theoretically, build a bunker-like home from concrete and metal, but it would not only be ugly, but any doors or windows would still be a weakness should a tornado blow through.

Is there anything you can do, then, to make your home safer? The answer is yes, and if you need assistance designing your own custom home plan in Oklahoma City, OK with tornado-proofing in mind, turn to Perry House Plans. Here’s an overview of some of the most common ways you can tornado-proof your home:

Reinforced garage doors: Garage doors are one of your home’s biggest weaknesses. They’re easily blown off, and then the winds can continue to create high pressure. This pressure, in turn, can blow down walls and even take off the roof. However, there are reinforced garage doors on the market that can help mitigate damage. Some of them come with removable beams that act as reinforcements when the high winds approach.

Windows: The first thing to go in a tornado is glass. Your windows are another major weak link. Any glass is a structural weakness, as far as a tornado is concerned. However, many homeowners are opting for double- or triple-pane glass to help reinforce their windows without sacrificing natural light and scenic views. You can also buy steel screen doors that hold up better in high winds. Bonus: double- and triple-pane windows are also more energy efficient, so you’ll save money on your energy bills.

Safe rooms: Building a safe room is the best way you can protect your home and family when a tornado blows through. FEMA has published a guide to constructing your own safe room, which is generally a reinforced room inside your home or in your basement or cellar. If the room is above ground, you should reinforce it with an exterior-grade door and deadbolt. The ceilings are reinforced with fencing, in order to keep the structure from collapsing, and the walls can be reinforced with steel or bulletproof glass.

Create your own custom home plans in Oklahoma City, OK

Since 1959, Perry House Plans has been partnering with homeowners to provide high-quality custom housing that suits clients’ needs perfectly. When it comes to construction, we can do it all, and that includes tornado-proofing. We’ve been designing custom homes in Oklahoma City, OK for decades, and our customer satisfaction is unparalleled. From inception to installation, our team of professional designers will see to it that the vision of your dream house becomes a reality. Reach out to our team today to set up a complimentary consultation!

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