What Does the Term “Maintenance-Free Living” Mean for Your Home?

September 11, 2019

More people than ever are embracing a lifestyle of “maintenance-free living.” Some are even taking steps to design custom homes in Oklahoma City, OK that minimize the amount of maintenance that might be required.

But what exactly does “maintenance-free living” mean? The general idea is exactly what it sounds like: cutting most or all of the ongoing maintenance of your home out of your routine, whether it’s to avoid overexertion or to simply give yourself some more time to enjoy other pursuits. Whether you’re busy with work or you’re retired and simply don’t want to have to take on all of your home maintenance tasks on your own, maintenance-free living opens up your time to spend on other things so you don’t have to spend it on exhausting, complicated maintenance tasks around your home.

This might involve living in a community where there are people on staff who take care of your maintenance tasks for you. In a lot of apartment communities or condos, there are people who will take care of all the maintenance tasks associated with your home, such as lawn maintenance, garden care and other exterior tasks. You could also hire a company to handle your landscaping or your housekeeping for you. Sure, there’s a financial investment involved in doing so, but it opens up your schedule to allow you to focus on things you’d actually like to do, whether around your home or otherwise.

The benefits

We’ve already talked a bit about one of the major benefits of this kind of living situation: your ability to free up your time to focus on things you’d rather spend time doing. But there are plenty of other reasons why you might consider a maintenance-free lifestyle.

If you’re not in good health, it might be difficult for you to get around the house and perform all the maintenance tasks you need to do. Hiring a company to handle it for you or moving into a community where these maintenance tasks are taken care of can prevent you from potential health scares that would come as a result of you overexerting yourself and taking on maintenance tasks you really shouldn’t be performing.

If you live in an area that sees some severe weather, maintenance-free living can help you avoid having to get outside and take care of your home when the weather is bad. In Oklahoma, for example, this could mean no more having to shovel or snow blow your property, or go outside at all during extreme cold.

Finally, it just spares you some of the minutia of having to deal with ongoing maintenance tasks that are more of a hassle than anything else. Do you really want to spend all that time pulling weeds, mowing your lawn, changing filters and whatever else it is you have to do around your home?

These are all some of the biggest benefits associated with maintenance-free living. Consider the living situation you’re currently in and whether or not you could benefit from some lifestyle changes to take your maintenance responsibilities off your plate.

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