Custom Floor Plans: Five Elements to Consider in Open Floor Plan Design

January 7, 2019

Open floor plan design goes way beyond creating a large room with windows. There are other considerations, too, and skipping over them may give you a layout that seemed like a good idea on paper but ends up being a bad idea for supporting everyday life. Perry House Plans has assisted many homeowners with practical house plans that work both on paper and reality. Here are five elements to consider when designing open custom floor plans in Oklahoma City, OK:

  • Walkways: Even an open floor plan requires right of way. There needs to be space set aside for moving between rooms or around a great room that is designed to be the center of your home. That requires walkways, and these areas need to be free of heater vents or floor plugs to support that need. Otherwise, you may create useless space or make it difficult to traverse even the most open of floor plans.
  • Floor plugs: Floor plugs are often more flexible than wall plugs. However, once you install one, you will likely need something that uses it. Do not install floor plugs where you will never place a TV or computer. Understand where you need them to be. Also, there is always the danger of not having enough floor or wall outlets in this electronic age. If you are not certain where items will go once you move in, install floor plugs with panel covers so they do not appear unsightly or get in your way.
  • Lighting: Many people opt for an open floor plan because it allows for light to come into a home more easily. However, the orientation of your home may work against this. When windows and skylights are not enough to ensure a well-lit home, consider track lighting or other designs to keep your open floor plan from looking like a large, dark cave. Many designers will take this into consideration before suggesting the best lighting for your home. Do not rely on one very sunny day to keep your floor plan well-lit throughout the year—assume that you will need support from at least a little artificial light.
  • Doors: The placement and orientation of doors requires consideration. Doors that open the wrong way or block off other doors, windows or cabinets are common design errors that are easily avoid with thoughtful consideration. Position doors in places where they are useful but not interfering with the overall livability of a room. Take time to find a designer who will make room and create a layout that allows for people to get around, but not at the expense of your storage and other room features.
  • Dimensions: You need to be sure the size of your open floor plan accommodates your expectations. If you are looking to create entertainment space, media rooms or a room designed for specific hobbies (like music), you need to be sure you have the space. Open layouts do not work for all homes. Allow a designer to be your guide in determining whether this will work for you.

Perry House Plans designs custom floor plans in Oklahoma City, OK for residential clients in search of their perfect homes. If you seek a floor plan that matches your lifestyle and provides for your immediate home needs, contact us today to start the design process.

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