Common Questions About Floor Plan Remodel Design

January 7, 2019

Floor plan remodel design in Oklahoma City, OK is a good option if your home is close to your preferences and you would prefer not to move. Whether it is to fix past design mistakes or transform your home into one that better serves your lifestyle, remodeling should not end in disappointment. In order to reduce your anxiety on this option as much as possible, here are some common questions that arise with floor plan remodeling.

I’ve decided to remodel a floor plan. Where should I start?

Basically, find some ideas before hiring a designer. Start with what you hope to accomplish with the remodeling. Do you require additional storage, or does your current layout block a view? Do you require additional entertaining space? Ask these questions and find design ideas by looking through magazines or photos on the internet. If there is a home improvement show in your area, visit it. This will help you communicate with a designer to better secure what you want.

What should I expect with an estimate?

Estimates should be detailed. You will likely have a wide range of prices when you start interviewing designers and contractors, and that often depends on the questions they ask and the detail involved. If a contractor with a low estimate came to that figure by asking very few questions, it is likely that estimate does not consider all the options.

However, if there are detailed discussions about design, materials, budget and time, then it is likely your estimate is accurate. Do not rush the estimate process, and have a good idea of the work you desire before you start calling contractors. That way, you are less likely to have your project go over budget.

What should I expect during the remodel?

In a word: disruption. If you are changing a kitchen or bathroom, you will have to make other plans. Eating out more frequently is often a major component of a kitchen remodel budget. Condensing from two bathrooms to one will be an adjustment for your family. Plan these adjustments ahead of time so they are less daunting.

Finishing basements and remodeling rooms that are used less often will not be nearly as disruptive, but you will have contractors entering your home constantly. Dust and dirt will be everywhere. Be prepared to be patient as the work proceeds.

If something does not look right, ask questions. Remember, it is your money paying for the project, and elements should live up to your instructions and expectations.

How can I choose the right contractor?

Secure recommendations from friends and relatives. This firsthand experience is often more helpful than reading online reviews. You can also contact the National Association of the Remodeling Industry or the Home Builders Association. Online resources like Angie’s List can also be helpful.

You will not be able to make an informed choice about contractors until they visit for the estimate. Ask questions and ensure they have a strong background in the work you desire. When it is time to make a decision, check for licensure, bonding and insurance.

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