Country Style House Plans in Oklahoma City, OK

This style of house plan is basically a farmhouse style plan which draws some of its concepts and themes and elements from the French Country style. The roofline for this style will usually be parallel to the road, but not always. You will likely find the use of multiple dormers that often face the front of the house as well. Country House plans can use varying building styles, and are usually built in rural areas on lots with extra space around the house. There is typically only moderate levels of aesthetic external decoration, and are designed with simple yet efficient floor plans. Most Country House plan designs will be two stories, but not always.

And normally you will find features built into the house that encompass the scope of actual country living. Typically you will find elements such as a covered front porch area that will be lined with a railing that is open, trimmed, along with multi-pane windows which often will have shutters, as well as steeply pitched rooflines. You might also find fireplaces used, as well as a detached or setback type garage, as well as wrap-around or rear-porches. Country style often is known for the massive size of their porches and patios which are almost always covered. This type of house is perfect for the larger lots that have scenic land or water features where someone would enjoy sitting outside and just relaxing and taking in the landscape. If you’re interested in building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, or Edmond, OK, we hope you’ll contact us at Perry House Plans today.

Plan #7601
Style: Country, Farm House, Traditional
Bed: 3
Bath: 3
SqFt: 3380
Price: $1352.00
Plan #7097
Style: Country, Southern, Traditional
Bed: 3
Bath: 3
SqFt: 3533
Price: $1413.20
Plan #7500
Style: Country, Farm House, Ranch
Bed: 4
Bath: 3
SqFt: 3658
Price: $1463.20